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Sienna House Pool Access
1)  What are the operating hours of the pool?
        The pool is open 24 hours every day (closed for maintenance).  
2)  How many guests can I have at the pool?
         Residents are permitted up to 5 guests, per household, at any time.
3)  Where is the pool located?
         The Sienna House pool is located at 404 Via de Sienna Blvd (main amenity center).
4)  Is alcohol allowed at the pool?
         Use of alcohol is permitted, but not encouraged, at the pools.  No “serving” of alcohol (such as a keg or machine) is permitted nor is glass at any time permitted in the pool area.
Sienna House Fitness Center Access
1)   What are the operating hours for this facility?
         The Fitness Center is open 24 hours daily.  
2)   How many guests can I have at the Fitness Center?
         Residents are permitted up to 2 guests, per household, at any time.
3)   Where is the Fitness Center located?
         It is located at 404 Via de Sienna Blvd (main amenity center).
4)   Are there age restrictions?
         Children under the age of thirteen (13) and older may use the Fitness Center without being accompanied by an adult.  Children under the age of 13 are not allowed in the facility alone.  Children age of ten (10) and under are not allowed in the facility at any time.  
5)   What do I need to do to gain access?
         Use of fitness center does require completion of a Facilities Use Agreement prior to the amenity access Frequency Operated Button (FOB) being activated for use in this facility.  The Agreement can be found in the document section (Community Amenities of the MyRanchoSienna.com website) or you can either request such from the Community Manager at ranchosiennamanager@goodwintx.com or pick one up and sign it in the HOA Office.  
How do I get improvements, Changes, Alterations to the property approved?
1)   What types of exterior modifications can I make to my home without requiring approval of the association?
        All exterior modifications or improvements on the home itself as well as on the property (including back yard) should be approved through the community association’s architectural control process. Please complete and submit the Rancho Sienna Home Improvement Application (HIA) request form.
2)   Where do I find my community's architectural modification request form?
        The architectural modification request form can be found under the Documents section of this site under Community Association and then Online Contact Forms.
3)   What's the process for submitting the application? How long does it take to get approval?
        The application needs to be submitted, along with the plot map/survey map showing the location of the project, to the Community Manager who will provide the package to the Reviewers.  Once the application is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement of its receipt and processing and will receive notification, via e-mail, once the ARC has made its determination.  Important note:  A fee of $25.00 is required for most minor improvements however please see the fee schedule on the application for your particular project.   A response from the ARC may take as many as two weeks from the date of submission.  It is always recommended providing as much information about the project as possible to help expedite the review process.  
4)   What is the status of my application?
        If you have not heard from the Community Manager within 3 days from the date of submission, email the Community Manager at ranchosiennamanager@goodwintx.com.
Common Area Maintenance and Miscellaneous Items
1)  What does the Association maintain and what am I responsible for maintaining?
        Homeowners are responsible for their individual lot/property with the exception of those whereby landscaping services are performed as part of their individual neighborhood (i.e. Sections 8 and 19).
2)  I need to report a maintenance issue to a common area in the community...
        We sincerely appreciate your efforts in alerting our management team of any maintenance issues in your community. Please submit a request via please submit a request to the Community Manager at ranchosiennamanager@goodwintx.com and include a picture and as much detail as possible where applicable.
3)  What is the trash/waste pick-up schedule for my community?
        There are two trash haulers in which service Rancho Sienna Master Community.   Texas Disposal collection date is normally on Thursdays and Al Clawson Disposal is normally on Fridays (holidays typically push the collection day back one day).
4)  What is the bulk pick-up schedule for my community?
         Please contact your respective Trash Hauler for details.  
5)  How do I get electric/gas/water/trash service/internet?
        Natural Gas: ATOMS Energy...888-286-6700
        Propane: Direct Propane.....512-276-7800
        PEC Electric...512-778-5470
        Water/Sewer (City of Leander)...512-259-1142
        Georgetown Utility System.......512-930-3640 (Texas Disposal Trash Service)
        Al Clawson Trash Service........512-746-2000
        Spectrum....855-243-8892 (Phone/Cable/Internet)
        Direct TV...855-833-4388
        Georgetown Post Office....512-868-9925
6)   How do I get a mailbox key?
         Please stop by the United States Postal Center at 2300 Scenic Trail, Georgetown, Texas 78626 to obtain your mailbox key or contact a locksmith if your house was purchased as a resale.  You will need your HUD (closing statement) to pick up a new service mailbox key